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Fangirl Mode by TheChibi-chan Fangirl Mode :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 2 0 Happy Easter, Shizuo by TheChibi-chan Happy Easter, Shizuo :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 3 0 TWEWY style: This way up by TheChibi-chan TWEWY style: This way up :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 2 0 Izaya kun's wedding dress by TheChibi-chan Izaya kun's wedding dress :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 2 0 Izaya kun's wedding dress by TheChibi-chan Izaya kun's wedding dress :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 1 0 Aussa The Earth Charmer by TheChibi-chan Aussa The Earth Charmer :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 4 14 flame champion by TheChibi-chan flame champion :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 2 0 cute demon girl thingy by TheChibi-chan cute demon girl thingy :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 1 0 Chibirarara 2 p2: I hate you by TheChibi-chan Chibirarara 2 p2: I hate you :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 1 0 Chibirarara 2: Kirai by TheChibi-chan Chibirarara 2: Kirai :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 0 3 Impression Figures: Love by TheChibi-chan Impression Figures: Love :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 0 0 Anime Ink Self Portriat Thingy by TheChibi-chan Anime Ink Self Portriat Thingy :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 1 0 Less Than Three by TheChibi-chan Less Than Three :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 0 0 Fangirl Dead by TheChibi-chan Fangirl Dead :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 3 2 Shizuo in Wonderland by TheChibi-chan Shizuo in Wonderland :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 0 0 Izaya bunny by TheChibi-chan Izaya bunny :iconthechibi-chan:TheChibi-chan 0 0


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Shizuos Adventure with Shimeji
Shizuo was angry. Naturally, he always seemed to be angry nowadays, what with that flea always showing up to annoy the snot out of him. Always when he least expected him, too. Shizuo slammed the door to his apartment angrily with a little more force than needed and cursed under his breath as it flung open again. "Stupid door flinging around and not shutting.." he rambled as he trudged back over to the door and shut it again, this time silently.
He sunk into his easy chair and was eternally grateful that he had found the darned thing a year ago. Without it's soft comfort he wouldn't have a place at home to relax besides his bed or in the shower. Sighing, he undid his tie and pulled his worn laptop onto his lap. Shizuo found that browsing the web for an hour a day distracted him while his easy chair did its magic in relaxing his tired muscles. He tched in disappointment when he had no emails other than the usual junk mail in his inbox. He closed out of his email box and sat there, tappin
:icongiveortake:Giveortake 46 9
[Now available in Google Play?] SHIMEJI - Shizuo by vectorsmash [Now available in Google Play?] SHIMEJI - Shizuo :iconvectorsmash:vectorsmash 1,375 339 Kurosaki Ichigo Shimeji by DuhGetsu Kurosaki Ichigo Shimeji :iconduhgetsu:DuhGetsu 22 12 Abby Shimeji V.2.0 English by Saisoto Abby Shimeji V.2.0 English :iconsaisoto:Saisoto 249 139 Shimeji Yoite by krokus00 Shimeji Yoite :iconkrokus00:krokus00 278 97 Shimeji - Abby NCIS by Saisoto Shimeji - Abby NCIS :iconsaisoto:Saisoto 357 225 Sebastian Shimeji by EvilAcorn Sebastian Shimeji :iconevilacorn:EvilAcorn 342 79 Aqua Shimeji by Athena-Sazuki Aqua Shimeji :iconathena-sazuki:Athena-Sazuki 581 156 Never Forget by cartoongirl7 Never Forget :iconcartoongirl7:cartoongirl7 23,608 1,768



United States
Hey there! I'm Jessica, but most call me Chibi-chan!
I love NekoxUsa, Edward Elric, and every popular anime except Death Note
I am NOT a racist; I hate everything equally.
I am an epic (fail?) otaku...
I draw more than I submit, I promise. I just feel the need to lineart everything and then it looks like crap and I give up.

Favourite genre of music: Classical/Anime
Favourite style of art: Anime/realism
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: sand dollar
Wallpaper of choice: my drawings
Skin of choice: milky white
Favourite cartoon character: Garfield
Personal Quote: "I cry tears not for myself, but for others/don't make me cry for you."
Ive been incredibly obsessive with Shizaya and DRRR. Officially decided that I am going to buy the anime ASAP and make an Erika cosplay =3. Then again, I might be Walker just for the sake of crossplay. Who knows.
Ano. Ive been picking up more japanese from watching english subs. Its amazing how much you can actually learn from anime. Anyone who has watched Hetalia and doesn't believe this can go to hell.
Things have been super stressful. Ive run out of mechanical pencils and paper in my drawing notebook and Ive been super out of it and things. Thinking of how to raise money to get to Italy, and a friend of mine might hire me to paint his car.
My drawing style is becoming really americanized...Mia Ikumi released a new book and her drawing style's changed a lot too. Her lines have gotten a lot thicker. It looks like a horror novel? CLAMP-style horror, not like gore.
E-to...I finished watching a playthrough of Portal. I dont think I'd ever be able to play that game. >__< I'd throw up or something.
Oh, Panty & Stocking with garterbelt? A must see--when your parents are away. It's like, magical girl anime on crack. xDD
FMA Brotherhood--just saw a preview for a movie or another season or something on Youtube. Apparently, it's actually following Hiromu's original plot. However, I'm still boycotting it because of the whole EdxWinry thing and episode 1.
Wow, I started reading NANA and Junko-chan was so right. Ai Yazawa's stuff is amazing. It's like...Skip Beat, but more about people. You can see every perspective explained so simply that you understand everything. At least, that's how I feel.


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