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God you're a creepy bitch.

You blame what Brandon said on me because I'm his girlfriend?
You obviously have a problem.

Brandon is at Joey's house, using his internet.
You have NO idea who Brandon is, at all.

You're stupid, you assume.
Leave Brandon alone. He already told me he was afraid of you anyway and your group of friends. He tells me that they keep talking shit about him.

It only takes me 2,000 miles and a plane ticket to fly down there. Don't make me do it.
EXACT quote.  No joke.
...You know, I really do describe myself this way, though.  When I hate someone, I'm a total bitch, and I have freaked out more than a few people with my clinginess.
oh, and to quote the exact words from brandon...
(working from memory, deal with me ppls)
brandon: stop this obsessive shit, jessica
brandon: and just so you know, I don't like you.

He had made it very clear to me that he doesn't like me like a girlfriend. "No not like, LIKE like."
But I had thought of him as a very dear friend, but apparently he doesn't care at all.

...That's okay.  I have real friends.

...The sad thing is, if he came back and apologized, I would forgive him.
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tokiopunk18 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
TheChibi-chan Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2010
but really, I am a creepy bitch. That's why you should totally ignore me! =)
tokiopunk18 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
lol na
TheChibi-chan Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2010
and that's why I luvs you, kichi!
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April 27, 2010