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Ive been incredibly obsessive with Shizaya and DRRR. Officially decided that I am going to buy the anime ASAP and make an Erika cosplay =3. Then again, I might be Walker just for the sake of crossplay. Who knows.
Ano. Ive been picking up more japanese from watching english subs. Its amazing how much you can actually learn from anime. Anyone who has watched Hetalia and doesn't believe this can go to hell.
Things have been super stressful. Ive run out of mechanical pencils and paper in my drawing notebook and Ive been super out of it and things. Thinking of how to raise money to get to Italy, and a friend of mine might hire me to paint his car.
My drawing style is becoming really americanized...Mia Ikumi released a new book and her drawing style's changed a lot too. Her lines have gotten a lot thicker. It looks like a horror novel? CLAMP-style horror, not like gore.
E-to...I finished watching a playthrough of Portal. I dont think I'd ever be able to play that game. >__< I'd throw up or something.
Oh, Panty & Stocking with garterbelt? A must see--when your parents are away. It's like, magical girl anime on crack. xDD
FMA Brotherhood--just saw a preview for a movie or another season or something on Youtube. Apparently, it's actually following Hiromu's original plot. However, I'm still boycotting it because of the whole EdxWinry thing and episode 1.
Wow, I started reading NANA and Junko-chan was so right. Ai Yazawa's stuff is amazing. It's like...Skip Beat, but more about people. You can see every perspective explained so simply that you understand everything. At least, that's how I feel.
Mupachi mupachi, there was a princess...but she wasn't really a princess. You see, because she was a princess, she could only ever be a sidekick...
Because she was a princess, she could buy any hero (or villan's) trust...because she was a sidekick she could never be treated as an equal. The ability to achieve so easily what she wanted caused her to lose a vital thing..."The Future." Her aspirations were left in the dust as she failed to look ahead, almost fearing the time when she would no longer be by someone's side. Like every princess, one day she became Queen, but on the day of her coronation, something terrible happened. As the minister set a crown upon the head of the girl, blood spread across her chest and consumed her. Within the hour, all that was left was a lovely set of bones, posing as a queen might upon a rotting throne.
There is no future for one such as her
There is no love
Let this lesson be learned. One without dreams will -
I am making the weirdest faces and I have never been so sad or spazzingness in my life okay thats a lie. But Sebastian! Ciel! CIEL YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE! WHY?????? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!? Ohhhh, Sebby! I pity you, my friend! but hot dayum, Ciel thirteen forever....>.<
But the horror! God it makes me want to kill things and rape things at the same time! THAT IS THE ENDING IN A NUTSHELL! -cries hysterically- what will I obsess over nooooowwwwwwwwwwww?
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Dont mind me as I silently cry in my emo corner here.
I cannot read skip beat, i cannot read skip beat, i cannot read skip beat -bashes head against desk-
any manga that may have eased the pain are also absent, because somebody up there decided to throw a huge bitch fit about people reading their work for free! god forbid they dont get millions more dollars!
that means, bleach, fullmetal alchemist, skip beat, beauty pop, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Higuarshi, One piece BUT NOT FAIRY TAIL! Absolute Boyfriend, Flame of Recca, Ranma 1/2, AND ANY CLAMP BOKS HAVE VANISHED WITHOUT A TRACE!
I will try to take comfort in my manhwa. -huggles 1/2 prince-
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I'm Purple!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 25, 2010, 6:14 PM

As a few people may know, I assocaite colors with people who are very close to me.  Here is my list, and the reasons why I associate those colors with people.
Kichi- Orange, cuz shes got orange hair, even when she doesnt.
Emi- Um, between a red and orange.  Maybe violet?  I can't see her with a bright color.
Arashi- A nice, warm green you can wrap yourself in, cuz she is always so...welcoming!
Sasu-chan- blue, cuz of the streak she dyed her hair.  and cuz she's not quite black, but really close.
Aka-chan- orangey red, that doesnt look that good, even with black.  very close to salmon thats partially cooked.
Naru-chan- toxic green. She used to be more innocent yellow, but...
Kiba-chan- the green of her hoodie, lighter than Arashi, but still nice to be around.
Shika-chan- yellow.  Like, kiddie room yellow that goes well with plush colors.
Brandon Wells- red, but now its kind of rusty colored.  Maybe silver-gray, cus i dont use that color much and thinking about him makes me sad.
Junco-sama- a nice, regal red. very pretty and goes very well with black.
Dani-chan- um, relatively dark yellow...or orange?  something bright AND warm, but can also be somber.
Jacob and Jon- they both get cold, gray blues, but Jacob's is duller.
Brandon the grad- gray. Dark gray. maybe gold.  bronze! that's it! he's bronze.
Shelby- blue. like, flat blue. the kind on bic pens or used everywhere.  It's such a nice color to be around.
Hannah- Yellows and greens and blues.  She's such a happy person.
Toriwa- Pink, the color of the hoodie she wore when I first met her.
Andrew- very very wet mud brown. close to black.
Gio- Gray. nothing like Brandon's gray.  like GREY. undefinable.
Gabby (freshman)- uhh...choose a color of Vitamin water.
I can't think anymore....maybe ill post more people later.

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Pfft.  I HATE school, just saying.
Most people mess up in freshman, from what I hear.  I hate failing classes.

I've been IMing this one guy, and trying to talk with him drains me.  I'm still not sure what to think of him.  I'm probably a nuisance to him, but nontheless, he amuses me, for lack of a better word.  In a way he helps me focus on myself.  Nothing better than a good dressing-down to end your day.

I figure I'm going to talk to Joey for real sometime, to understand what I can.  I'm so tired and tired.  Out of it.  "I rather think I've gone round the bend!"

I must try and save a drink for Kichi.  And visit her sometime soon.  I'm glad I have such good friends.  I hope that she remains a constant in my life.  Sometimes I think she's the only one I can trust.  I know she'll be honest with me when it matters.
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Username: Chibi-chan

anyways, only im me if you kno wme or want to talk to me.  If you're some weird person ou there who thinks my art is cool, I guess that's okay, but...yeah.
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1. I'll respond with something random about you.

2. I'll tell you which color you remind me of.

3. I'll tell you my first memory of you.

4. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.

5. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.

6. I'll tell you my favorite thing about you.

7. I'll tell you my least favorite thing about you.

8. I'll challenge you to post this on your journal!
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God you're a creepy bitch.

You blame what Brandon said on me because I'm his girlfriend?
You obviously have a problem.

Brandon is at Joey's house, using his internet.
You have NO idea who Brandon is, at all.

You're stupid, you assume.
Leave Brandon alone. He already told me he was afraid of you anyway and your group of friends. He tells me that they keep talking shit about him.

It only takes me 2,000 miles and a plane ticket to fly down there. Don't make me do it.
EXACT quote.  No joke.
...You know, I really do describe myself this way, though.  When I hate someone, I'm a total bitch, and I have freaked out more than a few people with my clinginess.
oh, and to quote the exact words from brandon...
(working from memory, deal with me ppls)
brandon: stop this obsessive shit, jessica
brandon: and just so you know, I don't like you.

He had made it very clear to me that he doesn't like me like a girlfriend. "No not like, LIKE like."
But I had thought of him as a very dear friend, but apparently he doesn't care at all.

...That's okay.  I have real friends.

...The sad thing is, if he came back and apologized, I would forgive him.
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Myeh.  Can I really trust the people who I thought I could?  Some person who may (or may not) be Brandon just told me that I was creepy, obsessed and needed to go away.  Am I not allowed to miss my big brother?  It makes me sad. T-T
Anyways, once I figure out how to make a Takamin, I'm gonna make my own so that Kichi or Arashi and I can do collabs together.  Maybe some other people, too.  It's a lot of fun.
Oh, and note to self; professional paint programs suck.
Augh! People need to be happier.  I miss Brandon.  Too many poeple are sad and Brandon's not around and it makes me sad.  Awww, nobody probably cares much.  I need to get my grades up.  Maybe I'm depressed because brandon's not here?  My standards are slipping...really badly.  But I shouldn't blame it on him.  I need to figure out what's wrong, though.
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*Tagged* by Arashi-sempai
NOTE: some Japanese lyrics may be bullshitted.  Just consider yourself warned.
Step 1: Put your iTunes or equivalent on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Bold out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING

1. Kagome, Kagome...
2. I can see how you are beautiful,
3. Popipopipo popipo popipopipo popipo
4. Sorry sorry sorry sorry ne'ka ne'ka ne'ka munja..
5. Ne ne ne ne, ne, chotto, ii?
6. The Avengers are getting ready now...
7. Suya Suya...
8. [Shawn Fujiyoshi sings Soulja boy] Ryan: Dude, dude, dude, what the hell is this?
9. Totemo Ureshi Kattayo
10. Sekai de, ichi-ban OUJI-sama
11. Minna! chiro no sansuko!
12. Mina, junvi- kuragosai no toshidesu yo?
13. Hey hey you you
14. The smell of your skin lingers on me now
15. Aru tokoro ni, chiisa na yume ga arimashita. Dare ga mita no ka wakaranai
16. Did you think about what I said last night?
17. When she was twenty two...
18. Pan the room...
19. sakki made to itteru koto chigau ja nai
20. A yo, finally! (Is this what you've been waiting for?)
21. Honey Honey...Honey Honey
22. Yumemiru Tsubasa ne, notte...
23. Remember when we used to look at sunsets far away
24. Dana my darling, I'm writing to you.
25. Ah~ ha ha ha ha, sa, 'hizama-zuki nasai!'

If you read this, then you have been tagged!
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I used to spell that wrong.  Foriegn spelling can get sonfusing, huh?
I'm learning how to play it, which is pretty hard when one of the strings is in pretty bad shape...I'll have to replace it tomorrow.
In case you're wondering Kichi, I didn't dip into your rice maker money to but this.  Actually, I go tit for freee! so, when I go out to get a new string?  Yep!  you get a brand-spankin-new rice maker.
I'll give it to you over spring break, since my mom's all bf about it.  The rents have bfs a lot anyways.
I should be asleep, so...luv and joy to all, kay?
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I used to not have to care about my work because I always got it done.  Now I want to skip class and go on the computer and sit around and be fat.  AUGH
My throat is sore, my eyes are tired, my ankle hurts, I haven't had a period in two months.  That's bad, isn't it?  AUGH
I was talking to Kichi about the end of the world and death and stuffs...
I don't usually think about those things.  When it happens, it happens.  I just want it to be quick and reltively painless, you know?
I don't really want to die, but I want to be freed of the stresses of life.  I don't want to have to care about my grade in Geometry or why the hell people are bitches.
My grades are falling.  Kichi tried to help me, but I still feel like I have nothing done.  I have goals in life, but they seem to get in the way of other people's goals for me.
O right, What I think I have for my grades, vs what I could've got if I wasn't so lazy.
US History: Have a B/C, could've gotten an A
Honors English: D/E, could've gotten a B/C
French:  Meh, I wouldn't give a crap anyways.  Maybe a C?
Honors Bio: No Friggin Idea.  Passing grade, I hope
Honors Geometry: C/D...First cardmarking I got an A
Art: B or C, since I couldn't get all of my work in because of the idiotic sub.  I'm an A student there.
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If you say no, you're saying it to either be spiteful or because you don't know me.  I came to an interesting conclusion today.  When I fight with somebody, I don't run out of put-downs or material because I run out or forget, it's because I'm much too amused.  Jacob's interesting to test out my theories on, even though often he doesn't know it.  We fought for about ten or twenty minutes and I enjoyed myself the whole time, but it got to a point where I was laughing so hard (In my head) that I couldn't properly articulate another statement.
If you've ever fought with me, you'll know that I don't dance around the edge with dirty rumours and lies.  Unless, of course, they're true or painful to remember.  Even I have my limits, though.  Too many people are fregile enough to hurt themselves when I huirt them.  Often I'll go straight for every single thing that bothers me about them.
Have you ever noticed that when people say "I don't mean to offend you, but..." it's followed by something ofensive?  I notice it.  That's why I so rarely say that phrase, because it's a lie.  I might say it if I'm telling somebody that their breath stinks.  I honestly don't do this to be rude, I do it because I want people to tell me when my breath stinks, too.  But, when I want to offend you, I seriously go all out.
ANYWAYS, I started a fight with Jacob.  Not any fight, but a let's-see-how-many-faults-we-can-find-in-the-other-person fight.  Needless to say, I went on for a whole two minutes longer than him.  I was the angry ranting old woman, and he was the old man saying "and another thing," 10 minutes after he lost the fight.
Which obviously proves that he barely knows me.  And he's horrible at reading people.  Plus he still tries to act like he's winning.  Do you know what his one argument is? "You think you know everything"
That is the one phrase that pisses me off the most.  Because in order to pass judgement, you must know the person, and if ANYBODY REALLY knew me, that person would NEVER say shit like that.
And Arashi, if you read this and say that I DO act like I know everything, I'm going to be really pissed. >.>
Heh. I'm starting to feel repetitive.  The point is, Jacob was persisting on one thing.  Although, I never did trust him.  He's just not the kind of person you confide in.  I have a feeling that he's always judgeing you, but he stays indifferent about everything.  He doesn't even show emotion if it's something happy.  Then, he blurts out something totally random and idiotic and expects you to react.
Jacob is a really close second to Jon.  At this point? Jon's winning.
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Yeah, w/e.  I don't know about the title...  I just had a personal epiphany.  I don't care.

Seriously, I was thinking about this girl in a book who got trapped underwater, but could still breathe.  She had no feeling of anything, but she was still able to live.  She lost all sense of herself...
The point is, she went in there and was freaking out.  She was screaming and crying.  I would be happy to go in there.  I would very seriously enjoy it.  I would be laughing and hugging myself.  I would drift around and do nothing at all completely happily.

What's the point?
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I have no idea.  I'm kind of giving up at this pooint.  I'm supposed to do eevrything, but everything gets in the way of things I want to do.  I'm sick of everthing.  Or maybe I'm just sick.
I don't care if it's a curse or not; I want to live in interesting times.  I want to me bloodily murdere by a dragon, or die trying to survive The Holocaust.  I'm so tired of feeling trapped.  I'm in this glass cage...I try to get out and I just get myself a headache.  I feel like crying; I see everything, but when I try to touch it, the glass...
I guess the glass is like my mind...but my's dark.  Do other people think of their minds as dark?  I think of it as a dark maze, with records playing in every room.  Most rooms are traps.  They play pretty memories that are made to make me cry.
Right now I'm stuck in a scary room.  The walls are soft to the touch...I want to feel the pain, but I can't.  When I reach out in front of me, there's something smooth; the glass of a mirror.  It's so I can reflect on who I gain some sense of myself.  It has a baeutiful gilt frame, and would the room had been lit, I would gladly spend the rest of my life staring in it.  Unfortunately, the room is dark, reflecting the doubts and fears in my soul.  So I sing to myself quietly in this room, guiding myself to insanity.

But why hold a mirror in an empty room?
I am soooo pissed that people take it into their minds to spread this kind of bullcrap.  I mean, I know that there have been rumors about me before, but this just pisses me off.  Apparently there are some people at my school who have taken it into their minds to spread some bullshit about me descreating a dead person's name.
Okay, I'm a horrible person.  I will quite literally scream at several people just because I feel like PMSing.  I am a very blunt, straightforward person, and if I don't like you, I don't go around spreading a bunch of bullcrap.  I will go up to your face, and make it quite obvious that I don't like you.  Some of my friends could see me saying that I don't care that person died, but not that that person deserved to die!
Why are people such idiots???
I honestly will hate the person who started this rumor for the rest of my life.  I will glare at this person balefully, heatedly, until they walk away uncomfortably.  I am soooooooo mad.
Oh, and to top things off, one of my acquaintances was spreading this shit around, too.  I can honestly say that I am never speaking to Jonathan again.  When I chewed him out, he had the nerve to ask me why the hell I was chewing him out and not the other hundreds of people in this school.
I am a sensible person when it comes to these things.  Honestly, the other hundred or so people don't know me.  If I had heard that somebody had been saying that kind of crap about the dead, I'd want to beat their ass, too.  If I had heard that about Kichi, I would've immediately gone and kicked somebody's ass.  Anybody who actually knows me and has heard this rumor also wants to kick ass.
Jonathan didn't.
And that little DOG actually had the gall to at some point claim to have a brotherly bond with me?  I SPIT IN YOUR FACE YOU MANY DOG!  I HOPE THAT YOU BURN AND GO TO THE RATS!  MAY YOU DECAY WITH THEIR FEECIES!
You know what?  I realized that there is only one exception to my whole backstabbing thing.  Jonathan.  May he live in interesting times.
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It's lonely today.  I don't know why.  I suppose it doesn't matter much anyways.  Sometimes I wish I could just shut down and still do everything efficiently.  Maybe I will.  Maybe that would work better.

Another Journal entry, Part 1

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2009, 11:28 AM

So, since I'm probabally going to be online for a while, and therefore make multiple Journal entries. Thus goes life.
I sort of wish I has a personal Diary, that no one could see...unless I wanted them to, and then only what I wanted them to, without them knowing that I'm witholding info.
I sort of wish I could touch something perfect without ruining it.  Not REALLY ruining it, but changing it's essence. "Like the memory now is like the picture was then; once it's crinkled up, it can't be perfect again."  That makes me feel so understood, which is why I hate bringing out the works of art that I'm proud of, for fear they'll be harmed.
Because when I bring them out, they DO get hurt. somehow.  Be it some ASS that happens to be in my class, and finds it funny to mess it up *throttling motion* or the WIND when i'm WALKING HOME! IS IT SO HARD FOR ME TO JUST SHOW PEOPLE ART??? IS IT???

Different topic.
I hope somebody can loan me a CD or something with linkin Park mp3s on I can add them to my new mp3 player, when I get it ( oh, God I hope he didn't do something stupid and leave it in Texas.) I can't help worrying how much it's worth, though. I hope he didn't spend TOO much money, or too little and get someting Defective TT  One of my faves is Hybrib theory.  WOW my mind is all over the freaking place.

I think everybody should be afraid of going Schitzo...just a little bit.  Not knowing who you are, it must be scary.

I'm good at reading people, did I tell you that?  Well, most people...if they're not too shallow, or too deep.  Like Angel.  She's hard to predict, and I just do the best I can not to hurt her while keeping her from molesting me TT.  It's easiest to tell when they're like me in some way.  Gabby's like me in the way things relate to each other in her mind, Darla in how she realtes to other people, and Jonathan in the way he plots out his childish revenge...I'm not like that anymore, but I used to be.  All "Everybody hates me, I can't trust anybody, not even the people I care for, but I want to protect them"

Poor John, he doesn't even understand himself.
Always plotting, Never knowing. So I'll basically spell it out for him, though if He ever reads this, He'll deny it.
It's something like " I hate that person so much that I'll find a way to take my own life and frame him/her for it.  Family's not worth trusting, though I feel a twinge of guilt for using them.  I'm too weak to be worth anything, so I won't try to get stronger.  Life's worth nothing to me, so I don't bother to question death." and so I continue my own thoughts here.  You May hate that person with all your heart, but when you're floating around like a little dust mote in the afterlife, you'll hate him all the more.  You're BORN weak so YOU CAN GET STRONGER. People come into this world with nothing but Greed, Hate, and Survival instict.  Jonathan seems to have been in the "stupid gland' line while they were giving out the third.  Honestly, do you THINK that the heroes were BORN at lv 100?  HELL no. they were born at level 1, while all the lv 6's laughed at him, but you know what? he had BALLS, and he learned that if you got KICKED in the balls, it hurt, and he LEARNED that if you KICKED OTHERS BACK, they would scream JUST LIKE YOU DID and collapse on the ground writhing!  If you find the bigger man wears a cup, then defeat him with wit, because usually, the bigger man goes home and cries himself to sleep.  Then You can watch and learn how to use a GODDAMN POKER FACE and become a tactician!

You WILL learn that you can see things from more than one side.  
That things are never as they seem.  
That the most shallow people can become the deepst person you know.  
That things can change.  
You will remember the innocence of youth, and learn how to teach.  
You will learn that the top dog gets undermined, and if you're smart, you can be the one who does that.  
Nothing is impossible, there is only varying proababilities.  
Nothing is without consequence.  
It is impossible to truly teach a life lesson and not sound cliche.  
The cake is a lie.  
The truth is aquired through lies, and the best lie is a half-truth.  
Dreams are impossible, but not without meaning.  
People should care less, but you should care more.  
There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers, and the best question is posed with the answer in sight.  
Books are treasures, and fantasy can teach the most.  
Reality is a lie.  
Question everything, even if it makes sense.  
Learn to bluff well, it could save your life.  
Nothing is without its reward.  
Answer me this: A fire burns down your house, your family, and everything you love.  What is your reward?  The fact that you just lost everything.  
Rewards ARE consequences, you just have to look at it right.  
DEFINE things to learn.  
Gray is undefined.  
That is why the region between life and death is considered the "Gray Area"  
Reading a dictionary can be INTERESTING, just look for words that catch your eye, and use them to trick people.  
The best part of a secret is sharing it.  
Life isn't fair unless you define it correctly.
There is always a way to win.
Nothing is still a choice, but the world won't stop and wait for you.
One in a million generally narrows down to one out of ten.  
Remember everything.  
Train yourself.  
The instant that you give up you fail.  
If nobody punishes you, then punish yourself.  
You should be your own harshest critic.  
You have to practice to perfect, and perfection is in the eye of the beholder, though unattainable.  
Knowledge is power, don't you forget it, and if you think I'm done quoting things you have another think coming.  
Language can become universal, but is a wonderful, terrible thing.  It limits the mind to certian ideas, and slows it down.  Like tied up eagles on a conveyor belt.  They can only go as fast at the conveyor belt run.  The only one who can decide for you is yourself.  
Pain is just a message, and messages can be ignored.  
Warning signs are there for a reason, and rules are meant to be broken.  
When things are broken there are consequences.  
Learn from your mistakes, for if you ever make it twice, you're a fool, and three times I declare you senile.  
There is never new invention, only disoveries.  
Poison spreads quickly.  
Time passes slowly.  
The mind and the body are closely connected, and to inflict damage to one will scar another.  
Mental pain is greater than physical, 'cuz they don't make band-aids for your brain.  
Sticks and stones can BRUISE my bones, but words can ALWAYS hurn me.  
Egress means exit.  
Some people learn by watching, fewer by reading, and the rest just have to go and pee on the electric fence for themselves.  
You DO know everything, you just have to define it.  
In order to know someone, you have to understand them.  
In order to love others, you have to love yourself.  
There are 4 words for love in greek.
If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.  
One line can change everything.  
Hey is for horses, and I'm just a girl.  
You don't have to mean it for it to hurt.  
Seeing IS beliving, but you can still doubt.  
Everybody has their quirks, and a brick wall still has chinks.  
Ink can smudge, and will if you're not careful.  
It's possible to avoid something.  
Wise as an owl, tounge of a serpent.
Hidden meanigns are the best, and a tounge can be a double-edged sword.  
Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, unless they stink.  
Everything has strings attached, you just have to look.  
Again, definitions mean a LOT.  
Find a loophole and keep it to yourself.  
Misinterpertation can be used as an advantage.  
Knowledge is sometimes best kept to oneself.  
Things take time.  
Watch and wait.  
Listen and learn.  
Keeping a secret can get you more.  
Shut up or put up.  
Things are better understood when learnt yourself, but sometimes you're better off READING the Darwin awards.  
LIFE is hell.
Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do.
Things can be taken both literally and laterally.
Saying things out loud can help you, but writing them down is best.
You can eat paper, it just doesn't taste good.
Just because you can't doesn't mean you won't.
Just because you can doesn't mean you will.
If you go with the flow, You'll probably drown.
Too much of anything can kill you.
What you don't know CAN kill you, but it can save you as well.
If you spend your whole life listaning to your heart, soon you'll hear nothing at all.
It's possible to be in the negatives and still come out even.
Don't say it if you don't mean it.
You don't have to say everything you think.
There's always a reason.
Reading into things will get you a headache.
A double negative is another word for positive.
The internet may have been made for porn, but it can do a helluva lot more.
Terry Pratchett quotes
They both savoured the strange warm glow of being much more ignorant than ordinary people, who were ignorant of only ordinary things.
Windle shook his head sadly. Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind.
Tortoise: 'How many talking tortoises have you met?'
Brutha: 'I don't know.'
Tortoise: 'What d'you mean, you don't know?'
Brutha: 'Well, they might all talk. They just might not say anything when I'm there.'
Many feel they are called to the priesthood, but what they really hear is an inner voice saying, 'It's indoor work with no heavy lifting, do you want to be a ploughman like your father?
It is a popular fact that nine-tenths of the brain is not used and, like most popular facts, it is wrong... It is used. And one of its functions is to make the miraculous seem ordinary and turn the unusual into the usual.
Because if this was not the case, then human beings, faced with the daily wondrousness of everything, would go around wearing big stupid grins, similar to those worn by certain remote tribesmen who occasionally get raided by the authorities and have the contents of their plastic greenhouses very seriously inspected.
'That's right,' he said. 'We're philosophers. We think, therefore we am.'
'We get that in here some nights, when someone's had a few. Cosmic speculation about whether the gods exist. Next thing, there's a bolt of lightning through the door with a note wrapped round it saying, "Yes, we do" and a pair of sandals with smoke coming out.'
Dhblah sidled closer. This was not hard. Dhblah sidled everywhere. Crabs thought he walked sideways.
"The secret is not to dream," she whispered. "The secret is to wake up. Waking up is harder. I have woken up and I am real. I know where I come from and I know where I'm going. You cannot fool me any more. Or touch me. Or anything that is mine."
"If you trust in yourself ... and believe in your dreams...and follow your'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy"
"Yes, but my father said that free advice often turns out to be expensive." Said Tiffany
The thing about witchcraft," said Mistress Weatherwax, "is that it's not like school at all. First you get the test, and then afterward you spend years findin' out how you passed it. It's a bit like life in the respect
Admittedly — and it took some admitting — he was a lot less of a twit than he had been. On the other hand, there had been such a lot of twit to begin with.
'When a bull coo meets a lady coo he disna have tae say, "My hert goes bang-bang-bang when I see your wee face," 'cuz it's kinda built intae their heads. People have it more difficult. Romancin' is verra important ye ken. Basically it's a way the boy can get close to the girl wi'oot her attackin' him and scratchin' his eyes oot.'
"I wonder ... Am I really a bastard or am I just really good at thinking like one?"
"(...) true style comes from innate cunning and mendacity. You can't buy it"
"Whole new theories of money were growing here like mushrooms, in the dark and based on bullshit."
"Building a temple didn't mean you believed in gods, it just meant you believed in architecture."
"I hate it when there are two four o'clocks in the same day."
"He is as straight as a corkscrew."
"A corkscrew?!"
"Yeah, he acts kind of curly, but he very well gets the cork out."
"I think that comes under the rule of Quia Ego Sic Dico."
"Yes, what does that mean?"
"'Because I said so', I think."
"That doesn't sound like much of a rule!"
"It's the only one [Vetinari] needs.[...]"
1. All fungi are edible.
2. Some fungi are not edible more than once.
Sometimes, the best answer is a more interesting question.
This was turning out to be the longest winter in living memory, so long, in fact, that living memory itself was being shortened as some of the older citizens succumbed.
'I would just like to point out, Dean, that it was not a very funny joke to begin with. It was a pathetic attempt, Dean, at dragging a sad laugh out of a simple figure of speech. Only four-year-olds and people with a serious humour deficiency keep on and on about it. I just wanted to bring this out in the open, Dean, calmly and in the spirit of reconciliation, for your own good, in the hope that you may be made well. We are all here for you, although I can't imagine what you are here for.
'Well, what is it achieving? I mean, really? Y'know, I thought, all you had to do is get a world working, and before you could say "creation" there'd be some creature who'd stand up, getting a grip on its surroundings, gaze with a certain amount of intelligence and awe at the infinite sky and say - '
' - that thing's getting bigger, I wonder if it's going to hit us,' said Rincewind.
'Rincewind, that remark was extremely cynical and accurate.'
'Sorry, Archchancellor.'
You have forgotten that there is no narrativium in this world. It does not know how stories should go. Here the third son of a king is probably just a useless weak prince. Here, there are no heroes, only degrees of villainy. An old lady gathering wood in the forest is just an old lady and not, as in your world, almost certainly a witch. Oh, there's a belief in witches. But a witch here is merely a method of ridding society of burdensome old ladies and an inexpensive way of keeping the fire going all night. Here, gentlemen, good does not ultimately triumph at the expense of a few bruises and a non-threatening shoulder wound. Here, evil is generally defeated by a more organized kind of evil. My world, gentlemen. Not yours. Good day to you"
yes, a mysterious shape, a sinister shape, a shape forted with, with, shapeness. it must be a plot element, otherwise there would be a better label
Having one before you go is the whole point of prunes! And no, you can't
"Rincewind: Homo-Sapien Sorcerus Iritablus. In reality I'm a full foot taller, bronzed and rippling with muscles but it's been a hard night for the artist."

"Rincewind: Honestly, some people. You give someone a tool and they spend the next 10 years of their life just playing with it. Doesn't anyone around here have a sense of purpose? A sensible grip on life?!"

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